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Rio Claro *, "the blue city"

The slogan above is easy to comprehend. You just need to look up to sky, always painted in blue, a very singular characteristic of the landscape.

The city also has the tradition of pioneering and was the first in the country to use electric light, replacing gas lighting, as well as the first to adopt the aluminum packaging for beer and soft drinks. The old Caracu building (now occupied by a university), is an icon of this pioneering spirit.

Another Rio Claro's peculiarity is the high number of people who use bicycle as a means of transport, utilizing of the flat and wide streets of the projected city.

The city' anniversary is on June 24, when the festivities are added to the homage to the patron saint, Saint John the Baptist.

Strategic position

In this city of projected streets and very flat topography, Ciesp settled in 1949, one of the oldest regional, which has since contributed to consolidate the strength of traditional and important companies for the economy of São Paulo. The regional Ciesp, in its 30m2 headquarters, accompanies the industrial growth in six other municipalities under its range of action: Araras, Corumbataí, Ipeúna, Itirapina, Leme and Santa Gertrudes.

Located on the side of the Washington Luís Highway, Rio Claro is halfway between Limeira and São Carlos and is 157 km from the Capital; with easy access to the Bandeirantes and Anhanguera highways.

The population of Rio Claro is approximately 200,000 inhabitants. The area of ​​the municipality totals 499,9 km², with a population density of 336,84 hab km². The municipal HDI, which measures the quality of life of the population, is set at 0.825, above the average of São Paulo, which is 0.814. The annual per capita income is R$ 17,224.



Líder Restaurante e Rotisserie

9A St, on the corner with 24A Ave

Rotisserie Bela Vista

964 22A Ave, Vila Indáia - Rio Claro-SP, 13506-705

Harmonize Restaurante

210 8 St, Cidade Jardim - Rio Claro-SP, 13501-090 (between 27 and 29 Ave)

Phone: (19) 3532-1333

Barril 2000 - Restaurante

273 8 St, Cidade Jardim - Rio Claro-SP (on the corner with 29 Ave)

Plataforma - Restaurante

228 4 Ave, Downtown - Rio Claro-SP, 13500-030 (between 3 and 4 St)

Phone: (19) 3533-7375

Maha Massala

873 4 St, Downtown - Rio Claro-SP, 13500-170 (on the corner with 4 St)

Phone: (19) 3523-3025

Restaurante Niazi

1585 3 St, Downtown - Rio Claro-SP, 13500-161 (on the corner with 10 St)

Shopping Rio Claro

205 Condé Francisco Matarazzo Júnior Ave, Vila Paulista - Rio Claro-SP, 13506-845

Mero Restaurante

530 5 St, Jardim Donangela - Rio Claro-SP, 13500-040

Phone: (19) 3533-1145

Rangute Restaurante e Hamburgueria

887 4 St, Jardim Donangela - Rio Claro-SP, 13500-030 (on the corner with 5 St)

Phone: (19) 3597-4505

Restaurante Prosa Mineira

1 St, Jardim Claret -Rio Claro-SP, 13503-000 (on the corner with 17 St)

Phone: (19) 3557-6621

Fiorella Casa de Pães

910 2 St, Downtown - Rio Claro-SP, 13504-821 (on the corner with 5 Ave)

HOTELS (some options)

Hotel Central Park

1030 1 St, Downtown - Rio Claro-SP ( Phone: (19) 3522-4224.

Hotel Central Rio Claro

143 5 Ave, Downtown ( Phone: (19) 3524-9037.

Hotel Cristal

1440 Tancredo Neves Ave, Jardim Claret ( Phone: (19) 3533-3155.

Hotel D'Itália

1760 2 Ave, Jardim Claret ( Phone: (19) 3524-2965.

Hotel Itaipu

1605 3 St, Downtown ( Phone: (19) 3522-4450.

Hotel Santo Antonio

1067 5 St, Downtown (on the corner with 1 Ave) ( Phone: (19) 3524-3563.

Premier Hotel

198 2 Ave, Downtown (on the corner with 3 St)

( Phone: (19) 3534-5455.

Rio Claro Plaza Hotel

174 Km Washington Luiz Highway, Jardim Novo Horizonte ( Phone: (19) 3526-2100.

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