A history built over 25 years

Mathematics Education

In 1993, a group of teachers and students from UNESP-Rio Claro started to have meeting to discuss issues about Mathematics Education and the use of computers. During that year, there was the formations of a research group that was registered with CNPq (National Research Council) as "Research Group in Informatics, Other Medias and Mathematics Education" (GPIMEM).

Some years later, the Group felt the need to create a debate to evaluate its activities, as well as discuss its directions and goals. Thus, in 1997, GPIMEM gathered in its first Conference with the exclusive participation of its members. Since then, that event had been expanded and congregated multiple professionals, among researchers and teachers, from different places.

In 2003, GPIMEM held a bigger Conference, with the financial support from UNESP and financial agencies, to celebrate its 10th anniversary. In 2008, a Conference in the same way was also organized to celebrate its 15-year of existence, with the participation of several researchers in Mathematics Education, which enabled the exchange of experiences and dialogue among those present.

In its 18-year anniversary, GPIMEM organized its 14th Conference in which enable an opening for the community participation in Mathematics Education, members of the research group, and external evaluators. In 2013, in its 20 years of research on Mathematics Education, Modeling, and Digital Technologies, the Group held its 16th conference "GPIMEM - 20 years: Digital Technologies in Mathematics Education", which had the support from financial agencies, and a deep debate regarding the uses of technologies.

In 2017, GPIMEM held its 20th Conference along with the 1st Festival of Digital Videos and Mathematics Education, which was attended by researchers, teachers, and Basic Educations students, expanding the dialog about Mathematics Education.

This year, to celebrate the group's 25th anniversary, the 21st GPIMEM Conference made way to the International Symposium on Technologies in Mathematics Education (SITME), aiming to promote the integration of different characters from Educations and related fields, that work with technologies and Mathematics, in the Mathematics teaching and learning process and in its philosophic-scientific fundaments.

SITEM emphasizes the theme: GPIMEM's 25th anniversary. After all, it is an internationally recognized group of researches and developed studies that have contributed to the development of the area through dissertations and theses defended, books released, articles in specialized periodicals, projects, participation in national and international events, among others.

This trajectory would not be possible without the existence of many people who, at some point, contributed to its recognition and strengthening. Therefore, we invite the entire scientific and school community to participate in this moment of learning, exchange of experiences, training, current and contextual, using technology and much celebration, after all, we are celebrating 25 years of history!

So, let's participate?

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