GPIMEM's International Symposium on Technologies in Mathematics Education is going to happen in the city of Rio Claro/SP, in UNESP campus. The city has got approximately 200,000 inhabitants and stands out as an important university center of the country. Among the economic activities developed by the local industry are the production of glass fibers, PVC pipes, household appliances, light chemical products, cables for industries, automobile parts, stamping, agro-poultry (animal nutrition), plastic packaging, wooden artifacts and furniture, food and beverages, candies, sporting goods and others. From this region are also extracted raw materials, such as: dolomitic limestone for soil corrective, clays for pottery and ceramics, sand and brittle for civil construction, as well as mineral water.

The Campus of UNESP in Rio Claro, originated in the School of Philosophy, Sciences and Literature, was founded by the State Government in 1958, today includes the Institute of Biosciences (IB), the Institute of Geosciences and Exact Sciences (IGCE) and the Center of Environmental Studies (CEA), all installed in the Bela Vista Neighborhood, in an area of 1,155,147.79 m2, which allocates buildings of Departments, Auxiliary Units, Library, IT Sector, Children's Living Center, Student Housing, University Restaurant, Museums, Association of Government Officials (ASFAFI) and is surrounded by an immense green area. The former facilities of the Bairro Santana, on 10th Street, are home to the Bioenergy Research Institute (BIOEN) and the 11th Street was ceded to the Rio Claro City Hall. (Source:

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