Greg Oates (University of Tasmania, Australia)


Technology for Engagement and Collaboration in Mathematics Education

Dr Greg Oates holds a Master's degree in logic and a PhD in mathematics education from the University of Auckland and a Diploma in Secondary Mathematics Teaching from the Auckland College of Education, New Zealand. He began his career teaching secondary mathematics, latterly as Head of Department, before returning to Auckland University where he taught undergraduate mathematics and post-graduate mathematics education until 2016, when he moved to the University of Tasmania, Launceston Australia. He currently teaches mathematics education for pre-service teachers in primary and secondary school at UTAS. His research interests include the integration of technology into mathematics curricula and the use of technology to promote collaborative learning in mathematics; and professional development for teachers at all levels (primary to undergraduate), with a specific focus on pedagogical content knowledge (PCK).

He has visited Brazil on several occasions, most recently in November 2017 when he presented at the Delta Conference on the Teaching and Learning of Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics in Gramado. Recent publications with respect to technology and the Brazilian context include:

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