SITEM is the International Symposium on Technologies in Mathematics Education, and it is organized by the Research Group in Informatics, other Medias and Mathematics Education (GPIMEM) from UNESP (São Paulo State University), Rio Claro - SP, Brazil. SITEM gives the opportunity to the participation of the Mathematics Education community related to the use of technologies in the teaching and learning process in Mathematics and in its philosophic-scientific fundaments. It is an event focused on the scientific community, including teachers, technicians, scholars/researchers, and students; governmental representatives, such as MEC (Education and Culture Ministry), Capes (Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel), and UAB (Brazil's Open University), involved with the theme, in the federal, state and city levels; Undergraduate Mathematics Students, and all those interested in this theme. The program includes: Speeches, Round Table Discussions, Poster Presentations, Workshops, among others. Location: São Paulo State University (UNESP) - Rio Claro - SP - Brazil.

Research group website link:!/gpimem 

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